Poor eating ends in utter exhaustion

When I hit rock bottom in my eating disorder I was absolutely exhausted, hauling myself around all day simple because I had no choice but to look after my four young children.  It never occurred to me that the food I was eating was responsible for my exhaustion. After all it wasn’t as though I was eating too few calories; I was eating many times more than my body actually required.
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It also never occurred to me that I could be suffering from malnutrition. After all don’t I live in a country that has an endless supply of food?  Although once I thought about it logically you can be malnourished because the food you are eating is not supplying you with the essential vitamins and minerals your body requires.

Absolutely exhausted through unhealthy eating. Recovery from binge eating disorder with Changing Lives Online Counselling Service

The most amazing thing happened when I gave up stuffing chocolates and sweets into my body.  Gradually the “food fog” lifted and I began to think clearly.  My energy levels bounced back as I was no longer being pulled down by the food I was eating.  My food plan changed over the next few months, gradually changing one thing after another rather than using my old “all or nothing” approach. I could really feel how different my body felt when I ate well.

I learned to think of food as the medicine that would heal my body.  I focused on eating healthy unrefined food that was full of vitamins and minerals rather than processed food full of additives.  A few years later my beliefs were confirmed when I was speaking to a funeral director who said that years ago a body would begin to decompose within 48hrs, whereas as today it is around a month because we are all so full of preservatives!  That spoke volumes to me about how we are treating our bodies.

Today we can have access to healthy fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year.  Most supermarkets have pre-prepared ranges so that if you can’t be bothered to prepare them yourself; you don’t have the time or you live alone; you can still get the goodness your body requires.  Just ask yourself “Is this good for my body” and then you will think twice before living on pure rubbish.
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So if you are constantly complaining that you feel exhausted all the time, have a look at the food that you are eating as the answer may lie there.

Exhausted man who eats poor food.

Nutritional Therapists are able to support you while you make changes to your food plan.  If you are suffering from an eating disorder, you may want help from Changing Lives Online Counselling Service through online counselling.
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